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Salary Slip Format: Every month employers give employees salaries Sylhet employees many don’t keep a Salary Slip Format some throw them away and some keep them in one place and never to be traced. In this article, we will cover what a salary slip is,

how it works and what can be said?

How to prepare these Salary Slip Format is given here in excel format, you can download them in excel format and import them into your excel or you can import it into Microsoft word to use them. Salaries are very important but we have not reached the stage where we will eventually need them. Let’s prepare ourselves. In this blog, we will share the importance and cover of salaries and some sample Salary Slip Format for the same.

What is the meaning of a Salary Slip Format?

A pay slip also known as a receipt is a document detailing an employee’s salary including basic salary bonus deductions etc., paid by the company to its employees every month in a payee rate pdf file called soft copy or hard copy viz. Printing one out is called a hard copy

Not all organizations provide pay slips Small size companies generally do not provide monthly pay slips to employees Only large companies provide monthly pay slips to their employee Companies that are registered as private limited companies Like wepro generally provide monthly pay slips to their employees if they request their HR You can or you can get salary council if your company doesn’t give you a slip

We highly recommend that you protect your PCs as these can come in handy as many times you need to provide them to see the importance of slips.

Types of salary slips differ depending on the company or country.

Salary Slip Format 1
Salary Slip Format

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What does the pay slip look like?

Following are some important entries commonly found in pay slips. For example:

  • Company logo
  • Name of the institution
  • Employee Name
  • Designation and Department of the employee
  • ID number
  • Aadhaar Number
  • PAN card number
  • Bank account number
  • Provident Fund Account Number
  • Number of leaves taken by the employee
  • Employee’s effective working day
  • Universal Account Number
  • Net earnings
  • Net salary of the employee

What is the importance of a pay slip?

Pay slips are very important in the workplace. As it is the legal proof that you are a salaried employee so if you can always keep it safe like other important documents it can help you in any legal activity in the future.

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To prove that you are a salaried employee

In case you want to apply for a visa or university you need to provide a document that shows you proof of employment. When you have your salary in hand this will show them your title and your last drawn salary number.

It is used to get loans and credit cards

When applying for a loan or credit card, you need to convince the bank or creditor that you have a solid plan and that you have seen a way to pay them back. Have a legitimate income and also have a legitimate plan to repay your money

Helps to pay income tax

As your salary slip contains income elements like house rent travel medical allowance etc. you can use it to prepare HC to return it will help you to calculate how much to pay and how much can be recovered and how you use it is completely up to you. will depend


If you have any problems in understanding the Salary Slip Format, please comment and we will try our best to solve your problem.

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